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About the membership

The healing is here membership is a place to learn about holistic healing from a uniquely expanded and integrated perspective.

So many of us are burnt out and want to feel better.

We are exhausted, and it feels like we have tried everything. 

Most healing approaches are laser-focused on one methodology - diet, detoxing, exercise, energy work, psychedelics, etc. We created this space to be an interwoven exploration of all areas that we have found to be critical for our paths to wellness.

We don’t believe that nutrition is the answer to everything, nor psychedelics. We believe the key to healing is exploring multiple wellness areas and taking a lifestyle-medicine approach so that you have strong foundations in your daily life.

The membership is designed to provide information, support + thought-provoking healing resources for you to incorporate into your life.

Sena’s foundation as a Microdosing Guide + Root Cause Protocol Consultant in training provides a mineral-first lens to working with psychedelics, navigating fatigue, and getting to the root of our healing. Taylor’s work as a Spiritual Business Mentor and Microdosing Guide calls upon micro + macrodosing mushrooms as allies for soulful entrepreneurship and living a life full of passion, purpose, and alignment. 

Together we have designed this membership to inspire and uplift you with exclusive weekly content on a unique topic to support your healing path. Some examples are: 

  • the root cause of fatigue

  • navigating the fear of psychedelics

  • minerals + menstrual cycles

  • dismantling microdosing as a quick fix

  • navigating the ups + downs of the healing journey

  • and so much more

Why You Should Join Us

We’re some of the only women that we know of talking about psychedelics and their effect on mineral impact.

We believe in lifestyle medicine as a means to true healing.

We bring a mix of well-researched, grounded, and intuitive information to provide a well-rounded and unique perspective you won’t get anywhere else. 

When you join the membership, you get instant access to our signature offerings:

  • Remineralizing Your Microdosing Practice Webinar (90 minutes)

  • Things I Wish I Had Known About The Healing Journey Audio (60 minutes)

  • Start Microdosing in Seven Days (daily online course)

  • The 12 Universal Laws + Mushrooms (90 minute audio masterclass)

You also get 

  • Weekly content drops on unique wellness topics

  • Workshop interviews with experts

  • Forum access to post all of your questions for Taylor + Sena to answer

  • Consistent resources + conversation to keep you inspired and encouraged on the path of healing

  • Wellness topics like psychedelics and re-mineralizing that you can’t find elsewhere

  • No pressure to join live events - all content is available for your at your convenience

What members are saying

I am so grateful to [this membership]. I had no experience at all with microdosing, and the support, community, and information that [they offer] has been very helpful.  The hosts really know their stuff.  My two months or so of microdosing have been awesome: I feel more creative and connected to nature.  I am psyched to be on this journey - thank you micro.glow. 

Love, Owl, Massachusetts


The [membership] is a safe and beautiful space for me to connect with like-minded individuals.

Sena and Taylor are building community in a very mindful yet organic way.

The range of content they share, the specific Q&As, and live educational sessions have been such an added benefit. As I navigate this new frontier on my healing journey, I have gained much wisdom and support from the platform.

It’s a space where I can check in, educate myself, and connect with others on the same path. I am grateful to be on this journey with this community and feel highly hopeful for this new renaissance.

-Jen D

I’m so grateful I found this community! I’ve taken part in some moon gatherings and really enjoyed the connections. Taylor and Sena are always quick to get back to people and answer any questions that come up. Knowing that I’m part of a connection of beings (community) working with plant medicine and sharing information, experiences, and learned wisdom is invaluable to me. I appreciate the breadth of discussion and event such as, dharma, minerals, or moon gatherings. The opportunity to find others who are like-minded…in one virtual space fits this introvert perfectly. 😊
~ Anonymous


If you're looking for the micro.glow mycelial web; this is our newly revamped membership space. We have expanded the community from focusing solely on microdosing to focusing on the holistic healing journey. 

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